Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Various City Council Members Have Said About Their Position

If your City Council Member has written or told you what he or she thinks about the Breed-Specific Prohibition in the bill, or you other wise know his or her position, please let us know and we will publish that here:

Vincent C. Gray (AT LARGE) -

Carol Schwartz (AT LARGE) -

Phil Mendelson (AT LARGE) -

David Catania (AT LARGE) -

Kwame Brown (AT LARGE) -

Jim Graham (WARD 1) -

Jack Evans (WARD 2) - "thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue. I will keep your comments in mind as this matter moves through the legislative process."

Mary M. Cheh (WARD 3) - "I am still hopeful about alterations to the bill. And there is a great deal more to the bill than that provision, so it is worth salvaging. Thanks for your e-mail."

Muriel Bowser (WARD 4) -

Harry L. Thomas, Jr. (WARD 5) -

Tommy Wells (WARD 6) -

Yvette Alexander (WARD 7) -

Marion Barry (WARD 8) -

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