Thursday, November 1, 2007

Status of 17-89

Bill 17-89 was introduced and a joint hearing was held on June 6. A copy of the bill that was introduced* may be be available on the line (click here). The next step for this legislation would be a markup and vote out of the two committees it was referred to, which are the Committee on Health and the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary. It is our understanding the committee on Health (Member Catania, chairperson) already held a markup, but the committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary has not yet. I’m told the earliest it could happen would be December. Victor Bonett in Councilmember Mendelson (chairperson of the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary) is the point of contact – 202-724-8064 or . Victor should be able to give you a status plans for CM Mendelson to move the legislation for a markup and vote by members of the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary.

The Committee on Health should have a committee report and print regarding the legislation. The best source to obtain one is with Councilmember Catania (Chairperson Committee on Health). Contact Jordan Hutchinson, Clerk, 202-724- 7772 or

Additionally, the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs (Cheh, Chairperson) Jeremy Faust, Clerk 202-724-8062 or was given comments on the legislation. This essentially means the committee has the option of producing a report with comments relating to the bill – but would not markup the legislation –as the Committee on Health and the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary would need to do in order for the legislation to move forward.

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Click here to go directly to the bill 17-0089 that was introduced*

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* Please note: The specific-breed provision that is the subject of this blog was NOT in the original legislation that was introduced and so it may not yet be shown in the version of bill currently available on-line. The provision was "quietly" added later in a committee session. Please see the ASPCA's site for a summary of this provision. See also the comments of the various council members, elsewhere on this blog.

** Bill 17-0089 (official number) was introduced in session 17. Enter key words "animal" AND "protection" and it will come up.

This information provided by Councilmember Evans's office.

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